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Parking Information

Visitors may park street-side on Harrison St. or park in the school parking lot.

Harrison Street Parking
Please note that there is no parking on either side of the street directly in front of RPRY, but rather farther up the street in either direction.  Check street signage.  Additionally, the cul-de-sac across from the school, Opaput Ct, is permit parking only.

School Parking Lot
To get to the school parking lot, pass RPRY on your left and continue towards Cellar Road.  Make a left onto Cellar Rd, a left onto N 8th Avenue, and finally another left onto Edgemount Rd.  Follow Edgemount to the very end, passing both the school on your left and Ohr Torah on your right, towards the parking lot.  Street parking is also available on Edgemount Rd, but not in the carpool lane directly alongside the school.  

See the route on the map illustration below.

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