Names, Not Numbers® at RPRY

Inspiring Students with a Unique Experiential Program to Never Forget

One of the highlights of the 8th grade year at RPRY is the students’ involvement in the unique Names, Not Numbers© program: an interactive, multi-media Holocaust project, created by educator Tova Fish-Rosenberg.  What makes this Holocaust program exceptional is that our students are trained by professionals to interview and film the participating survivors while they themselves are filmed by an expert filmmaker. The result is an unforgettable film which is screened for school families, the survivors, and the community in the spring.

We invite you to memorialize victims of the Holocaust and/or honor Holocaust survivors, by making a donation in their names. This donation will help sponsor RPRY’s Names, Not Numbers© program.  Sponsorship opportunities are available below.

Sponsorships received by May 11, 2024, will be recognized in the program.

זכרונם מגן עלינו – May their memory provide a protection for us.

The Names, Not Numbers© Program is generously supported by a prominent national foundation

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