Social and Emotional Learning

At RPRY we believe that socialand emotional competence is essential for a child’s well being.  That having a robust toolbox of skills not only increase academic achievement but sets one up for success throughout life.

Our team consists of a Director of guidance, and applied psychology specialist, a guidance counselor and two social work interns.

Early Childhood

We focus on essential skills.The curriculum covers topics like fair play, having fun with friends, and assertive communication, fostering a positive and supportive social environment for young learners. Each week's thematic content reflects a systematic and comprehensive approach to nurturing social and emotional intelligence in early childhood.

Lower Elementary

We focus on four units: Skills for learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, and Problem Solving. Each grade level introduces new dimensions of self-discovery and relationship-building, creating a comprehensive and evolving social-emotional learning experience.

Upper Elementary

A progression from the foundational concepts to practical application. We emphasize volunteer opportunities to connect to real world experiences. This comprehensive approach to social-emotional learning equips students with the tools needed to navigate various interpersonal challenges while encouraging self-awareness and compassionate responses.

Middle School

Students actively engage in diverse programs tailored to address their social and emotional well-being. In addition to the speciific programs students engage in multiple volunteer opportunities. These not only instill a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their own brachot but also cultivate empathy and a broader understanding of the diverse challenges faced by others in the community

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